"Our property became vacant at the worst time of the year-the end of fall/beginning of winter! We teamed up with Soraya Gillespie to help get the property rental-ready, list it, and find a tenant. It took a few months for us to get the property rented, but Soraya kept me informed of all showings and potential tenants every step of the way. This is the first property I’ve rented, so I am new to the landlord game. Soraya made the process easy, and clearly outlined the steps we needed to take in order to get the property listed. The process was painless and professional. I felt like she genuinely cared about helping us get the property rented. Every question I asked along the way was answered so promptly and completely. I would highly recommend partnering with Soraya if you need someone to manage your property. You will be very happy with your decision."
- Owner Testimonial