We have been nothing but 100% satisfied with Top Tier as the property owner. Soraya knows her business, is easy to work with, and extremely professional. Highly recommend her to manage property! When we decided to rent our property, hiring Top Tier was the best decision we made.
Jackie W.-Owner

Superb, professional, attentive, excellent property management company that gets things taken care of immediately!
Alisa L.-Tenant

Our property became vacant at the worst time of the year-the end of fall/beginning of winter! We teamed up with Soraya Gillespie to help get the property rental-ready, list it, and find a tenant. It took a few months for us to get the property rented, but Soraya kept me informed of all showings and potential tenants every step of the way. This is the first property I’ve rented, so I am new to the landlord game. Soraya made the process easy, and clearly outlined the steps we needed to take in order to get the property listed. The process was painless and professional. I felt like she genuinely cared about helping us get the property rented. Every question I asked along the way was answered so promptly and completely. I would highly recommend partnering with Soraya if you need someone to manage your property. You will be very happy with your decision.
Reanna D.-Owner

Highly recommend!! We were so lucky to stumble upon Top Tier Property Management and owner Soraya! We moved, unexpectedly during a down time of the year and she has worked tirelessly to ensure we got the right tenant as quickly as possible. Throughout this process there was never a span of time that we did not hear from her. She was very thorough in her weekly updates, conducting research before reaching out to us. Based on our experience with the company, we have no doubt that this will continue to be a positive business relationship that will last throughout this lease and many more to come.
Kaila P. -Owner

TTPM is by far the best property management we found in Frederick. The owner, Soraya, is very experienced, knowledgeable, professional, trustworthy and customer-oriented. TTPM will answer questions, guide you and never make you feel pressured or obligated to use their service. Soraya guided us through the decision to rent out, the timeline, the paperwork details and regulations. The fees are very reasonable, everything is straight forward and she uses a portal for the tenant and owner to make/receive electronic payments. The management services are worth every penny plus more. Soraya's passion to help customers shines and we are very confident with TTPM managing our property. It was no coincidence that everything fell right into place, and we would very highly recommend TTPM!!!
~Andrew M. -Owner

I was very worried about renting out my condo and ensuring that I had the right company to manage the property after I moved out. I contacted Top Tier Property Management on a Friday night, not expecting to hear back from anyone until Saturday or even Monday. I received and email (not an auto responder) with in 10 mins. Asking if we can discuss the property on Sat at 10 am. I responded back with a big YES!! at 10am on the dot my phone rings. I was great with a very happy sounding voice with a 100% professional inquiry on the property. We made an appoint for her to come out Monday. Needless to say she was right on time, filled with info and a winning personality. I signed her up on the spot. She took away my fear and the expected pain of having a rental property. My property was rented on the first day it was available and the communication between us has been better than I hoped for. Its like Jerry McGuire, if you want to be represented by a professional with knowledge and the personal interaction of a small business where the client matters..... You need to contact Top Tier Management, LLC.
Louis Q. -Owner

Our request was somewhat unique. We had a pre-existing tenant occupying our property, and have been managing it independently. As we are located out of state my desire was to make the resigning of the lease as seamless as possible for my tenants as well as myself. I knew I wanted someone to draw up and new lease and have it signed in accordance with county laws. My search started with attorneys, who were either going to charge me just for a consult or did not write leases only defended them. One attorney suggested I try a property manager, which I originally dismissed because I assumed that I would have to hire them for the full service to manage my property. I came across a few property management company’s in the area, but Top Tier had by far the best ratings. Upon reading the website, it specified “Our personalized services are tailored to fit your property management needs“. I knew this would be the right fit. In speaking with the owner Ms. Soraya, she was very professional, very knowledgeable, and seemed to genuinely have my best interest in mind. She was able to fulfill my service request and educate me at the same time. Her responses were reasonable, and she was sure to provide updates when warranted. We are very satisfied with the outcome and I would recommend this Company.
Crystal E. -Owner

TTPM invests a lot of time wit property owners to answer questions, help them prepare and understand renting out your property. The owner, Soraya, provides her expertise without any pressure or obligation to use TTPM. She is very honest, knowledgeable and has many years of experience in the real estate field. Her passion for customer care and making people happy with her home can’t be beat. As a property owner, you will feel confident with TTPM managing your property. TTPM ensures that homes are rent ready, follow codes, well-written lease and the payment process is simple using a portal for the owners and tenants. TTPM truly knows what they are doing and they do a fantastic job. We would highly recommend TTPM!
Ashley M. -Owner

Soraya was simply amazing. She handled the rental of my downtown Frederick property. She found an amazing tenant, coordinated the entire transfer, including finances, leases, on site meetings. She answered questions I didn’t know I had. Every response was timely, thorough, and well thought out. She went miles above the call of duty. She was such a beautiful contrast to the last company I used. I would use her again and again and again. Thank you, Soraya!
Maria H. -Owner